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Short Abstract:

The creation is done by the BRAMHA (PARABRAMHA). The creation is the MAYA and the ATMAs bound together. The creation was planned completely before it was started.


Normal Abstract:

Our perception is illusion called MAYA because our perceptions have no logically realistic roots. ‘I’ did not create the illusion so the creator of illusion is a third object called BRAMHA. The birth and death of ‘I’ are not made by ‘I’. Many of the thoughts and dreams of ‘I’ come without the known effort of ‘I’. We predict even small things in future using omens, planet positions, etc. That means the will of I (ATMA) also is executed by the BRAMHA in synchronization with the MAYA perceived by the ATMA and the events in the creation are pre-planned and executed by the BRAMHA. Since there exists progressing events at any instant and every event must be pre-planned completely if even some events have to be predicted in advance, the creation was planned completely before it was started.





The knowledge of the very root(s) of this creation is not available to man till date and it looks impossible. But, understanding that is deeper than what conventional (materialistic) science can tell about the creation and the most knowable depth is presented below. Creation model is presented based on some observations and satisfying all observations in the nature.



Creation Model:

Many things are not explainable by the conventional scientific logic which does not accept many truths like miracles, omens, etc and tries to answer every question with not a very open view. At most, a conventional researcher on an electron can say that an electron is made up of quarks or strings or go to a bit more detail. Why exactly does a string behave as it does and what is it made from? Yet, there are only partially convincing scientific models with still many puzzles unsolved. What could be done so far is only converting one question in to another or multiple other. If we keep digging for answers in the conventional approach, we will reach a stop where we have a lot of questions without solutions ahead. An atomic particle penetrates infinite barrier wall when it is not able to jump over it, which is in-explainable with conventional logic. There are working magics. So, many things that we know are not interpretable in our minds through materialistic conventional logic. Even the things that we think as understood well are not actually interpretable with conventional logic if analyzed at a deeper level.


So, all the things are happening miraculously or in a manner un-interpretable through materialistic conventional logic. Any illogical thing is possible to happen if it is not actually happening but it is only an illusion to mind as if it is happening. For example; a man can have wings, light may travel in a zigzag manner through space, things may be repelled by the gravitational force and any law of nature is possible to exist in dream (imagination) without need for logic in those happenings. The objects and rules are applicable in illusions also in the same way. That means, everything we sense or perceive in this universe is an illusion without need for logic. If a thing that can be perceived in this universe is not an illusion, it cannot exist because it cannot exist logically. Any rules seen in the illusion universe are just the rules in illusion, not the logically (really) existing rules. It is a rule in the illusion that there exists gravitational force of attraction between any two objects. Actually objects are illusion and the gravitational force too.


When you talk to your friend (illusion), you act to him as you will (think, decide). So, ‘you’ are ‘a willing object undergoing illusion’. When you will to walk, you walk (get walking illusion). When you will to talk, you talk (get talking illusion). But, it will not rain by your will to have rain. That means, ‘you’ and the ‘illusion’ are bound together with certain rules of the illusion.


You get the illusion without creating it. That means, there are at least two objects (you and the illusion creating system) in relation to the illusion. So, there may be one to any number of illusion imposed objects like ‘you’ under the illusion creating system. The illusion creating system is called as BRAMHA, ‘object having will and undergoing illusion’ is called as ATMA and the illusion is called as MAYA.


The logic or theory of the reality of the BRAMHA is beyond our (ATMA’s) scope as ATMAs are objects being done by the BRAMHA and are not at a higher or equal level as the BRAMHA or in a level to observe and understand the reality of the BRAMHA. The scientific knowledge understandable by us (ATMAs) is the rules in the illusion which we (they) feel.


Take the MAYA and the BRAMHA ‘you’ belong to for consideration. Analysis of the number of MAYAs or BRAMHAs is beyond the scope and known needs.


Consider the case of many ATMAs in the MAYA. What happens in the illusion (MAYA) when you are having conversation with your friend is explained as follows. As an ATMA is bound to the illusion for its experiences, ATMA to ATMA direct interaction does not exist. You do illusion conversation with your illusion-friend (not real friend ATMA). At the same time, ‘your friend ATMA’ does illusion conversation with illusion-you (not ‘you’, your illusion). ‘Your illusion’ and ‘your friend illusion’ are in the only one MAYA which is being done by BRAMHA. So, ‘you’ do (will) as ‘your illusion’ does and ‘your friend ATMA’ does (wills) as ‘your friend-illusion’ does. Here, either the MAYA should be behaving in synch with the wills of independent ATMAs or the ATMAs should be willing in synch with the MAYA as executed by the BRAMHA. All living beings do not take birth and death on their will. Many of their thoughts and dreams come without their known effort. This means, all ATMAs’ will is controlled to be in synch with MAYA. So, if the ATMAs are having wills in synch with the MAYA, they should be done by the same system which does the MAYA. So, the ATMAs and the MAYA are bonded and are done by the BRAMHA. So, the creation consists of the MAYA and the ATMAs, which are bonded and done by the BRAMHA.


It is not possible to know if there is only myself (ATMA) in this creation or if there are many ATMAs. I cannot know if the friend I am talking to in this MAYA is really associated with an ATMA. At least one ATMA (I) is in this creation.


The creation is continuing over time as we know. The state of the creation in the next instant must be pre planned by the BRAMHA for the creation to have the next state, because creation with MAYA and ATMAs is being executed by the BRAMHA. That means, creation is being executed (done/run) as per the pre decision (plan) by the BRAMHA at least for the next instant.


The rules of the illusion, which sometimes decide the forthcoming incidents, also are effective after a preplanned starting incident. The illusion rules themselves are existing because of being planned in advance.


We predict many things that happen in the future like the weather forecast, the human population estimation, technology growth estimation, etc. But, we do not predict things like just the weather. We predict even future of people and countries based on horoscope, palmistry, numerology, etc. Many times we know things in advance by the omens of the nature (signs that indicate auspicious and inauspicious happenings). So, the state of the creation was not planned for just the next instant. It was planned for a long period in the future.


There cannot be partial planning of the future incidents (state of the creation) for any instant in the future, because all incidents are interlinked and so non-preplanned incidents always affect the pre planned incidents. In a partially planned creation period, a set of not preplanned incidents occurring before and alongside a preplanned incident can fail the happening of the preplanned incident or the successful execution of the preplan requires change of the rules of the illusion, which is contradictory to the practical happening. So, from whatever point till whatever point of time in the creation was planned in one preplan, it was planned completely.


In the creation where there are continuing incidents at any instant in the midcourse of the creation, the start and end points of a preplan happen to be the start and end points of the creation itself. Because, preplan cannot be limited up to a midcourse point of time in the creation from the start point of creation as many incomplete and progressing incidents would be occurring at any instant after the start of the creation; without change of the illusion rules or it being the end of the creation. So, the creation was planned completely for the entire period of the creation, before the creation was started.


More Supporting Observations:

We predict many things that happen in the future like the weather forecast, the human population estimation, technology growth estimation, etc. These predictions are based on a current incident and its known effects. But, we do not predict things like just the weather. We predict even future of people and countries based on horoscope, palmistry, numerology, etc. Many times we know things in advance by the omens of the nature (signs that indicate auspicious and inauspicious happenings). The life events on the earth and the position of the planets are independent. Synchronization between the position of the planets and the life events on the earth is not possible unless some system executes both of them with synchronization. So the creation is not running on its own. It is being executed by a system. This system is called the BRAMHA.


‘I’ do willing and ‘I’ has experience of the environment. The object ‘I’ and its experienced environment which are in the creation are made by the BRMHA. That means, the willing and experience of ‘I’ are executed by the BRAMHA. ‘I’ is called ATMA. The experience of an ATMA is called MAYA. So, the creation consists of the MAYA and the ATMAs, which are bonded and done by the BRAMHA.



Corollary 1:

The position of the planets at the time of birth is taken to tell the future of a man. Here planets do not have any influence on the man. Planets are just indicators of the already planned destiny of a man. If a man is going to face difficulties in his life for the next one year as planned by the BRAMHA, it is just indicated by the corresponding positioning of the planets by the BRAMHA at his birth time. This is co-plan for the man and the planets together. It is a repetitive rule of the creation that Saturn in a certain position is bad for a man and in a different position is good. So, the incidents on the earth happen in synchronization with the positions of the planets; and the incidents over time are inter-synchronized for the synchronization between the positions of the planets and incidents to be possible. Similar is the case with omens that signal the auspicious and inauspicious happenings.


Corollary 2:

Since the material world we see (sense/observe) is only illusion, many different worlds(universes) can be experienced without displacing our body in the creation, as visiting a different world (universe) requires just switching of the illusion an ATMA is perceiving.


Corollary 3:

Within this creation, the ATMAs are being done with changing happiness and sadness through sense organs and continuous happiness in the state of meditation. Happiness and sadness are perceptions of the ATMAs and so internal to the designed creation being executed by the BRAMHA. So, why this creation was designed as it is and being executed by the BRAMHA is not knowable.